CEO & President Takenao ’Ken’ TAKEMURA
After graduation from college, start work at Fujitsu Limited, and design LSI (Large Scale Integration Circuit) for Optical Transport System.
1995-2001 Move to Texas in USA as an assignee of Fujitsu to lead and manage international design team (American, Korean, Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese and Japanese) for LSI design.  I could acquire management skills to lead members who have different cultures.
2006-2011 Move to California (Silicon Valley) in USA as marketing manager of semiconductor device, and acquired international business skills through following works.
– Marketing Research
– Business Development with top IT companies in the world
– Technical Support for customers
2013 Quit Fujitsu and start work for a US originated company as a director of international marketing. Support Japanese companies to expand their business all over the world and students for oversea educations.
2017 Establish TET Enterprise Inc. in order to make connection ”Tsunagu” between Japan and other countries, and make people all over the world happier.
Vice President  Yuna FUKUI
1992 After acquiring beauty qualifications, expand activities as esthetician, makeup artist, stylist, and Japanese “Kimono” dresser.
2006 Open a esthetic salon, at the same time I also start work for enterprises, groups, individual seminars, events and lessons as instructors.
2007 Open a Cafe with gallery. Many events “Makeup Show, Cooking School, Concert. etc” were performed at the Cafe.
2009 Start work at Tokyo as a owner of a esthetic salon ans work as follows.
– Supervises detox books.
– Learn psychology and partnership and become counselor
– Makeup artist and hair stylist to actors, musician, entertainers, talent, MC etc
2011-2015 Work at California in USA as a hair makeup artist.
2013-2016 Introduce Japanese arts all over the world, and travel all over the world to look for new items, cultures to build relationship with reliable parsons.
2017 Establish TET Enterprise Inc., with Mr. Takemura