Company Introduction

TSUNAGU by TET ~Make connection between YOU and Japan on Business~
★ International Business Matching ★

Let’s deliver your products to Japanese users!
After TET concludes contract of exclusive sales in Japan with YOU,  we will do our best to deliver your sweet products to Japanese users.

We are waiting for contacts from you who are interested in the following things.
☑ Would you like to use huge consumer market of Japan to deliver your products?
☑ Would you like to start business in Japan before TOKYO Olympic?
☑ Would you like to come to Japan for your Business?
☑ Are you interested in Japanese culture, Japanese people and traveling to Japan?
☑ Would you like to make good relationship with Japanese people through your business?

TET Enterprise is willing to help you to deliver your sweet and hart felt products, technologies, and/ or ideas.

~After TET gets exclusive sales rights in Japan (Asia) from you, TET is responsible to help you to deliver your products and  your hart all over Japan.


TOKYO Olympic is coming in 2020 and everybody all over the world is focusing, therefore I know it’s big business change to expand my products in Japan, but I don’t know how to start the business in Japan.
No problem! TET Enterprise help support YOU (has a dream and your own products to start business, after we conclude exclusive sales contract for Japan (Asia) region) in order to deliver your products all over Japan.
Our unique advantage is that we are focusing on not only products from big companies but also products from small companies who are very popular in the local area and who have heartfelt products.
The biggest point working with us is that we can help support your business as members of your projects.
Both members in your country and members in Japan will support your business.
◆ TET Enterprise has members all over the world and they support contract matter with you and they understand your products deeply and explain your products in Japanese users.
Our members in Japan help support YOU to deliver your products to users in Japan from strong connection with members in each countries. ◆

◆ TET Enterprise is between YOU and Japan, and support whole businesses as a partner of the team.

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⁂ Examples (TET has exclusive right from owners) ⁂

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【Exclusive rights to brew/sell beers in Japan】 



~Mr.Ed’s Bakery~

Exclusive sales right in Japan

~Ohana Spice~

Exclusive sales right in Japan